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Government can't continue to leave MU stakeholders in the dark

The government receives a lot of criticism for what it does and does not do. Some of that criticism is unfounded. But sometimes it's justifiable.

Electronic mental health, substance abuse records need special care

I have little sympathy for the millions of people who joined the Ashley Madison website that facilitates extramarital affairs and now are dealing with the exposure of their involvement due to hackers. It is naïve in these electronic times to think that there's anything private. But it is disconcerting to think that electronic substance abuse and mental health records are more vulnerable to exposure.


DoD, VA must be accountable for interoperability failures

If the law tells me I need to file my taxes by a certain date, I do so. If my editors ask for an article to be submitted at a certain time, it's done. If I have a long term project, I set goals...

EHR vendors, users: Beware the attorney general breach investigation

It's significant that the cyberattack Medical Informatics Engineering (MIE) suffered in May appears to be worse than originally thought. But what is also significant is that it's the Indiana Attorney General's office, not the Department of Health and Human Services' Office for Civil Rights, that's investigating the breach.

Providers, pay heed to NIST's mobile device security guide

The National Institute of Standards and Technology's new draft guide to help providers keep patient data on mobile devices secure is a treasure trove of very detailed, practical information. However, I'm worried that it won't trickle down to the clinician community.

With #FixEHR, AMA fine-tunes its Meaningful Use reboot strategy

The American Medical Association has kicked its fight against poorly operating electronic health records and the Meaningful Use program up a notch, in a rather novel way.

Providers shouldn't bear the brunt of information blocking enforcement

There's been so much support and praise for the 21st Century Cures Act, which sailed through the House July 9, that the American Hospital Association's cautionary note about the legislation's enforcement provisions against information blocking may not be receiving the attention it deserves.

FDA must be cautious about using EHRs for clinical trials

People often lump together all of the federal government as one great big entity. But the different offices of the executive branch don't always work in lock step. They may not even know...

Consensus on interoperability standards may prove elusive

It looks like the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT's interoperability roadmap has already hit its first speed bump. The Health IT Standards Committee's Interoperability Standards Advisory task force reported this week on the public comments received on ONC's 2015 Interoperability Standards Advisory, the first deliverable in support of the agency's national interoperability roadmap. The results do not appear promising.