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Radiologists' Burden of Inefficiency Using Conventional Imaging Workstations

Whitepaper | Presented By: GE Healthcare

This study surveyed radiologists about inefficiencies in their respective workflows, revealing a number of shortcomings associated with the information technologies radiologists employ to review, interpret, and report diagnostic imaging examinations. Our findings indicate a considerable opportunity for more intuitive, efficient, multi-modality and multi-function systems to improve radiologists' workflow and productivity. Read the full whitepaper here.

What is the ROI of Physician Relationship Management?

Whitepaper | Presented By: eVariant

Traditionally, hospitals look to the team that develops and maintains physician relationships to drive growth by increasing referrals. Physician Relations Managers or Physician Liaisons have one goal: cultivate relationships with doctors that will lead to an increase in cases being referred. Read More

How to Deliver Value-Based Care That is Truly Patient-Centric

Whitepaper | Presented By: eVariant

Since a patient is more than just a collection of ailments, patient-centric care must encompass both information about medical status, and insights into the individual. How can we deliver value based care that is truly patient-centric? Read more.

Five Ways Health Care CIOs Break Down Imaging Barriers

Whitepaper | Published: May 25th, 2015 | Sponsored by: Mach7 Technologies

Imaging informatics is poised for explosive change. Demand for anytime, anywhere access to complete patient information, including imaging, is on the rise. Learn how today’s CIOs are breaking down barriers to deliver vital patient care records where and when needed while reducing costs, improving diagnostic efficiency, and addressing MU directives. Download this whitepaper today! 

Three Enterprise Image Management “Truths” to Guide Health IT in 2015

Whitepaper | Published: May 25th, 2015 | Sponsored by: Mach7 Technologies

Healthcare organizations need enterprise-level solutions to manage image sharing, access and integration across departmental and regional boundaries. Beyond the “A” in PACS addressed by Vendor Neutral Archives, healthcare organizations are deploying comprehensive Enterprise Imaging Platforms to smooth M&A integration, address MU2 mandates and reduce escalating image integration and storage costs. Download this whitepaper today!