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Latest Headlines

Partnership takes aim at counterfeit drugs with text-based solution

Orange Healthcare, the health division of French telecommunications company France-Telecom Orange, has declared war on the global problem of counterfeit medicines with a text-based platform that authenticates drugs digitally.

Mobile phones, human mobility offer clues to spread of malaria

What do you get when you combine cell phone data from 15 million people in Kenya with detailed information on the regional incidence of malaria? Answer: new research that reveals how human travel patterns are contributing to the spread of malaria, according to researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH).

EMRs found to improve care quality in countries with limited resources

A new comparative study in Sub‑Saharan Africa using computer‑generated clinical reminders--within electronic medical records (EMRs)--found significantly improved clinician adherence to blood testing

Texted follow-up care improves the health of HIV patients

For those still skeptical about the power of text messaging to help patients with medication adherence, look no further than...Kenya? That's right. HIV patients in the African nation who were given

Open-source EMR opens doors to quality care

In my Editor's Corner in FierceMobileHealthcare last week, I highlighted a program in the Mekong River Basin in Southeast Asia that relies on a very basic technology--the mobile phone--to disseminate