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Latest Headlines

It's time to plot the future of EHRs

My commentary last week stating that  electronic health records have turned a corner  seemed to have struck a nerve--or at least more than the usual amount of interest. The article has been one of the most read and shared editorials I've written. It's also been mentioned in tweets and retweeted more than usual, especially the line "the time has come for people to stop complaining about EHRs and focus on their future." So what should we focus on?

House committee withholds funds to VA, DoD to spur EHR collaboration

The House Appropriations Committee has opted to withhold most of the funds requested by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to upgrade its electronic health record system until the VA and the Department of Defense make progress on a joint EHR.

Has the Meaningful Use program run its course?

Meaningful Use: It's just like high school, where you learned all the right facts for the test, but the knowledge didn't stick with you any longer than until the end of the semester. At least, that's the opinion of Dale Sanders, former CIO of Cayman Islands Health Services Administration and current senior vice president for strategy at Health Cataylst.

Demand for EHR scribes on the rise

The use of scribes to help physicians document notes into electronic health records continues to gain traction, creating a boon for scribe staffing companies.

HIE tool reduces duplicative tests, IDs drug seekers

Health information exchange tools can fill in gaps in patient care and reduce unnecessary tests in hospital emergency departments, according to new research published in the journal  Applied Clinical Informatics.

Attorneys: Use strategies to reduce EHR documentation errors

Providers must take steps to reduce the risk of improper billing caused by their use of electronic health record functionalities that help with documentation, according to a recently published attorney advisory.

EHRs have turned a corner

The jury may still be out on how the Meaningful Use program should operate and whether it really improves quality. There's no question, however, that the program was the catalyst for massive, high-speed adoption of electronic health records--and that the industry may have just turned a corner in its use and attitude regarding such systems.

4 lesser known problems with EHRs

Although the healthcare industry continues to transition from paper to electronic health records, many patients and even some providers remain unaware of their imperfections.

Beware the hidden costs of a poorly constructed EHR contract

We know that electronic health records can cost a lot of money, sometimes millions of dollars. So it would be pretty disconcerting for a provider to learn that it has to pay additional amounts on top of that initial layout. Yet evidently, this is not uncommon, and it's often because providers make mistakes when entering into a contract with an EHR vendor. 

Black Book Rankings: Primary-care docs happier with their EHRs

Primary-care physicians are happier with their EHRs than they used to be, according to Black Book Rankings' annual report on ambulatory EHR users.