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Latest Headlines

Hospitals turn to big data to identify risks in the ICU

Intensive care units, seeking to reduce avoidable deaths, can harness big data to identify trends that may increase patient risks, according to the Wall Street Journal.

5 health IT terms every hospital CEO must know

As the healthcare industry becomes increasingly technology-focused, leaders without a background in tech may find it overwhelming. That's why it's essential they understand several key terms and concepts, according to Managed Healthcare Executive.

Positive news about health information exchange, EHR usability... and even IT vendors

There's so much bad news about electronic health records, generally, that it's refreshing to read about some positive developments this week. For one, it looks like health information exchanges (HIEs) are finally coming into their own.

AAFP leader takes aim at 'information blocking'

Information blocking, an "underappreciated" problem that has come to the forefront only in recent months, was the target of recent criticism from the president of the American Academy of Family Physicians.

Doc groups call for ICD-10 grace period

Four major medical organizations have echoed the American Medical Association's plea for a two-year grace period that would allow physicians to transition to the new coding system without penalty.

Chronic care management: Docs say hassles trump rewards

Despite providers' enthusiasm for the potential to get paid for non-face-to-face care-coordination activities, participation in formal chronic care management (CCM) has thus far proven to be too cumbersome for many to be worthwhile.

Blue Shield of California software update results in PHI exposure

Blue Shield of California informed members that a software update may have led to a protected health information exposure. 

Mobile health may lead to new business models

As more personalized healthcare grows, thanks in part to the expanding reach of digital health tools, two emerging business models may take root--"goldminers" and "bartenders," according to a  Harvard Business Review  report.

How integrated technology can drive private practice success

Over the past few years, there are few trends that have affected the world of practice management more than hospital employment. The numbers are substantial, with some reports predicting that up to...

CEOs, cyberattacks and accountability

Should Joseph Swedish, the CEO who was at the helm of health insurer Anthem when it suffered a historic data breach, be fired?