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Latest Headlines

White House plan calls for aggressive measures against superbugs

The White House has released a new plan to combat antibiotic-resistant infections such as the recent outbreak linked to contaminated duodenoscopes.

No Senate SGR fix vote until mid-April

The Senate adjourned this morning for a two-week recess before discussing legislation to replace the Sustainable Growth Rate formula.

ACA health center program's future up in the air

The Teaching Health Center Graduate Medical Education program, a doctor training program funded by a provision of the Affordable Care Act, is up for renewal this year.

Sleeping-nurse case renews focus on nurse fatigue

The case of Tanya Lemon, a DeWitt, New York nurse whose disabled patient died when Lemon fell asleep on the job, has reignited the debate on how to reduce fatigue among healthcare workers, according to the Associated Press.

How Blue Shield of California could redeem itself

Blue Shield of California has had a rough couple of weeks.  In light of recent events, Blue Shield's former Director of Public Policy, Michael Johnson,  shed light on the drama surrounding the insurer and provided insight into how Blue Shield could pull itself back up. 

States never thought insurance subsidies depended on building an exchange

The  oral arguments in  King v. Burwell  brought up the case of federalism--specifically, whether states were unconstitutionally coerced into establishing their own health insurance exchanges. But what if states really did not know the consequences of not setting up their own exchanges?

Data sharing, information technology key to new White House care initiative

Information technology and the interoperability of electronic patient data will be critical components to President Barack Obama's new Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network initiative, National Coordinator for Health IT Karen DeSalvo said at a kickoff event for the effort on Wednesday.

Humana says it's not alone in DOJ investigation of Medicare Advantage billing

After the  Department of Justice (DOJ) requested information from Humana last month regarding risk adjustments assigned to Medicare Advantage beneficiaries, the insurer said this week that it believes this investigation is part of a more extensive review that involves other healthcare companies, reported Reuters.

Government, hospitals fail to protect nurses from workplace injuries

Despite the epidemic of workplace injuries and stress-related burnout that nurses experience, they often receive little to no help from hospital leaders to address the problem--and healthcare facilities aren't the only ones that don't adequately protect the nation's frontline clinical workers, according to an NPR report. 

Did Justice Anthony Kennedy hint at how he voted in King v. Burwell?

Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy told lawmakers Monday during a House Appropriations subcommittee hearing that justices should not worry potential Congressional drama when they interpret statutes.  While Kennedy did not allude to or even mention the  King v. Burwell  case heard at the beginning of March, his comments left room for interpretation.