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Latest Headlines

Senate hearing focuses on potential delay of MU Stage 3

Despite the federal government's best intentions to create an interoperable healthcare landscape, the Meaningful Use program has yet to truly prevent information blocking by both providers and vendors, legislators on the Senate's Health, Education, Labor & Pensions committee declared at a hearing Thursday. To that end, they led a discussion focused on potentially delaying Stage 3 of the program, proposed in late March.

With #FixEHR, AMA fine-tunes its Meaningful Use reboot strategy

The American Medical Association has kicked its fight against poorly operating electronic health records and the Meaningful Use program up a notch, in a rather novel way.

Report: Canada's health IT 'lags on many fronts'

Canada has many of the same problems with electronic health record adoption and data sharing as the United States, according to a Canadian report published this month of the Advisory Panel in Healthcare Innovation.

HRSA to assess grantees' progress in EHR adoption, support

The Department of Health and Human Services Health Resources and Services Administration has announced its intent to seek progress reports to determine how well health center controlled networks are helping health centers to adopt electronic health records and share data.

AAFP: Meaningful Use audits causing 'undue hardship' on physicians

Meaningful Use audits are a "growing" concern to physicians, who find them disruptive and unhelpful, according to the American Academy of Family Physicians.

Docs air EHR frustrations at AMA town hall

Physicians are facing numerous challenges with electronic health records and the Meaningful Use program, and are being given a better chance to share them publicly due to a new initiative spearheaded by the American Medical Association, launched at a town hall meeting July 20.

Niam Yaraghi: MU Stage 3 too dependent on actions of others

The third stage of the Meaningful Use program could leave even tech-savvy providers unable to meet requirements, as they must depend on the health IT adoption of others, says Niam Yaraghi, a fellow at the Brooking Institution's Center for Technology Innovation.

Health professionals should push for better portal usability

Patient portal use in the healthcare industry has the potential to reduce disparities in care for minority groups and people with lower health literacy; however, that promise has yet to be realized, according to a paper at  PLOS Medicine.

Docs' views of EHRs still lackluster

There's still not much buy-in from physicians regarding their electronic health records, even though more of them are adopting the systems, according to a new survey from Physicians' Practice.

Niam Yaraghi: Stage 2 of Meaningful Use has 'failed'

While there are many benefits of health IT, forcing providers to comply with Stage 2 of the Meaningful Use program has been a failure, according to Niam Yaraghi, a fellow at the Brooking Institution's Center for Technology Innovation.