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Latest Headlines

Reference-based pricing helps control lab costs

Reference-based pricing can help control lab costs when consumers are supported with education and an online shopping tool, according to a new study from Cigna and Safeway that was published in the American Journal of Managed Care.

Equipment-sharing platform could save hospitals millions

Equipment-sharing could save hospitals millions, according to Fortune.

11 healthcare CEO bloggers you should follow

By Zack Budryk The blogosphere is full of healthcare bloggers who offer their thoughts on the rapid changes within the industry. But amid all the noise, how do you know which ones you should follow?...

How one standalone hospital thrives in an era of consolidation

At a time when standalone hospitals feel pus hed to form alliances to survive, one California provider has thrived without sacrificing its independence, accord ing to   MedCity News.

CMS: 257,000 docs will receive Meaningful Use penalties

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services revealed Wednesday that roughly 257,000 Medicare eligible professionals will be hit with a 1 percent penalty to their Medicare Physician Fee Schedule payments beginning Jan. 5, 2015, for failing to meet Meanin gful Use  by Oct. 1, 2014.

Employers warming up to idea of private exchanges

Employers may be open to considering a private exchange, but there needs to be guidance in terms of how those exchanges get paid.

Insurers loosen payment deadlines for ACA plans

Insurers are voluntarily offering flexible payment deadlines for customers who purchase insurance through the federal marketplace, America's Health Insurance Plans said.

Stop studying patient engagement and do something with the information

December appears to be the month of the patient portal study.

Why the physician-patient relationship is not one-on-one

There's a coincidental theme running through a few of this week's top stories, and it has to do with the challenge of relating to patients when they're not quite themselves. Let's...

How the ACA led to change this year at one California hospital

Although the Affordable Care Act has made sweeping changes to the healthcare industry at large in the past year, it has also led to changes on a ground level in individual hospitals, a hospital chief medical officer writes in Time.