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3 reasons not to fear UnitedHealth's ACA exchange woes

While UnitedHealth Group's recently soured outlook on the Affordable Care Act exchanges left the industry reeling, predictions that it could spell the end of the healthcare reform law may be premature, according to one expert.

Why 2016 will be pivotal in practices' transition to value-based care [Interview]

The past year has been full of changes that will affect physician practices for years to come. For insights into what will matter most to practices in 2016, we turned to Reid Blackwelder, M.D., immediate past president of the American Academy of Family Physicians. In an exclusive interview with  FiercePracticeManagement, Blackwelder shared his thoughts on the impact of the shift to value-based care in general and the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act in particular.

How patient-centered care helped an Arkansas hospital cut readmissions by 90%

One Arkansas hospital system has cut readmissions nearly 90 percent by addressing both direct and indirect contributing factors, according to Executive Insight.

3 ways to boost physician retention in a shortage

While not everyone agrees on the severity of the physician shortage, retaining physicians in today's competitive marketplace should be a top priority for hospitals, according to an article from  Healthcare Dive.  To recruit physicians who will stick around and keep the talented doctors you have, consider the following timely suggestions.

UnitedHealth announcement could have impact on hospitals

UnitedHealth Group's change of heart about providing subsidized insurance to tens of millions of lower and middle-income Americans, according to Bloomberg, may play a significant role in how hospitals fare in the coming years.

Shareholders still triumph over patients--for now

"Do I need to worry about my insurance," my father-in-law asked me. I recently documented his extensive health issues. He's an enrollee in a UnitedHealth Medicare Advantage plan. So...

Hospitals must take proactive approach against violence

Hospital violence is on the rise, but healthcare leaders face the difficult task of taking measures to prevent it without compromising the open, healing environment of their organizations. The key, according to an article by  StatNews,  is to develop effective strategies that go beyond simply reacting to individual incidents. 

Despite UnitedHealth's exchange struggles, other insurers still optimistic

Now that UnitedHealth Group has made it clear that it is losing money on the Affordable Care Act exchanges, the focus is turning to the country's other major insurers to determine just how worried the Obama administration--and consumers--should be.  

5 keys to an efficient physician practice redesign

It's becoming more and more apparent that physician practices must make some strategic changes to stay viable. But given the time, expense and disruption that practice reinvention creates, you want to make sure you get it right. Bruce Bagley, M.D., senior advisor to the professional satisfaction and practice sustainability effort at the American Medical Association, offers 5 ways to make make stratefic changes with greater efficiency. 

Advocates urge state insurance regulators to scrutinize mergers

With worries that the proposed mergers of major health insurance companies are going to be bad news for consumers, some are urging state insurance regulators to carefully scrutinize those plans.