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Latest Headlines

Price transparency: A first step toward true healthcare reform

The growing movement to reveal prices for hospital procedures is just one piece of the healthcare reform puzzle, according to leading experts who spoke Wednesday at  The Economists'  Heal th Care Forum 2014  in Boston.

Reimbursement system is broken, insurance CEO says

The health insurance payment system is broken and the Affordable Care Act, which was supposed to lower costs, is actually contributing to the problem, MVP Health Care CEO Denise Gonick, told the  Albany Business Review. 

Insurers: Customer service, member retention is more than a marketing initiative

When it comes to purchasing and selling health plans, consumers and payers start the experience clock ticking at different times.  For consumers, the experience begins the minute their insurer picks up the phone. That's not always the case for payers--but it should be, consumer engagement experts say.   

Anthem Blue Cross teams with 7 hospitals to launch integrated care program

Anthem Blue Cross and seven hospital groups in the highly-competitive Los Angeles market ann ounced  today that they'll form a partnership to provide a high-quality, cost-effective care. 

Companies look to eliminate the payer 'middle-man,' partner directly with ACOs

Insurers be warned: Many corporate executives are mulling whether they can provide their employees with higher-quality and more cost-effective healthcare without going through an insurance company.

Medicare Advantage roundup: UnitedHealth, Humana, MVP Health Care make changes

There have been a lot of changes to Medicare Advantage plans of late--UnitedHealth dropped providers in Alabama, Humana lost a big provider contract and MVP Health Care is discontinuing two of its plans.

Big companies, insurers urge uptake in wellness programs

Aetna and the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association are joining forces with some of the biggest companies to urge the entire business community to embrace wellness programs as a way to lower healthcare costs and boost employee health.

AMA framework looks to improve EHR usability

The American Medical Association, concerned about current electronic health record design, has released a new framework outlining eight priorities to improve the usability of the systems.

3 potential physician shortage fixes

FierceHealthcare explores potential technological, legislative and educational fixes to the primary care physician shortage.

HR plays critical role in surviving health reform

Healthcare organizations that successfully adapt to changes brought on by the Affordable Care Act do so largely with the help of their human resources departments.  Organizations strive to reduce costs, improve patient satisfaction and increase patient safety by placing high priority on the following HR-related functions, a ccording to a  sur vey  from HealthcareSource and the American Society of Healthcare Human Resources Association.