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Latest Headlines

Consumer-driven healthcare: How three organizations respond to the demands of patient-centered care

During the American Hospital Association's annual meeting Tuesday, the presidents and CEOs from Carilion Clinic in Roanoke, Virginia, Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles and Trinity Health in Livonia, Michigan, discussed the new initiatives to address the demands of a consumer-driven market.

Non-toxic version of bacteria could help treat hospital-acquired infections

As hospitals struggle with the increasingly formidable challenge of antibiotic-resistant infections, a new study from the  Journal of the American Medical Association  offers one possible solution to combat a particularly dangerous superbug,  Clostridium difficile.

IBM Watson partnerships aim to improve personalized healthcare

IBM Watson Health is looking to make its mark on personalized healthcare with two newly unveiled initiatives.

Second-year Pioneer ACO results 'encouraging'

Accountable care organizations aligned with Medicare's Pioneer ACO program saw smaller increases in Medicare spending compared to general Medicare fee-for-service beneficiaries in the Pioneer program's second year, according to a study published in the  Journal of the American Medical Association.

3 ways to fight 'improvement fatigue'

Healthcare leaders have a lot to accomplish as the industry moves from a volume-based model to a value-based one and as patient safety and care quality become more important than ever, but providers must safeguard against "improvement fatigue" during this process, futurist Ian Morrison writes for  Hospitals & Health Networks.

$101M in ACA funds to go toward new community health centers

The Department of Health and Human Services announced Tuesday that it will divert $101 million in Affordable Care Act funding to 164 new community health centers across the country in an effort to increase healthcare access.

When a hospital re-opens, how will it affect patients and providers?

Amid new research on how hospital closures affect patient outcomes, the Los Angeles area is about to provide a case study for the next step in that process--when a once-closed hospital reopens in a drastically changed healthcare environment.

States struggle to entice Medicaid enrollees to participate in incentive programs

Iowa, New Mexico and nearly a dozen other states have begun offering incentives to Medicaid beneficiaries to help them make healthier decisions and, in turn, save the program money, reported  Kaiser Health News. 

Concentrated concierge practices: Too much of a good thing?

Concierge medicine, while growing modestly overall, is becoming more predominant in certain pockets of the country. But despite reports that the model produces high satisfaction for all involved, a high concentration of retainer-based practices represents challenges for patients and physicians.

Anthem primary care payment model reduced costs in first year

Anthem's initiative to transform how it pays primary care doctors has reduced costs by around 3.3 percent,  reported  the  Wall Street Journal.