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Latest Headlines

'Underinsured' Americans latest healthcare reform controversy

A new healthcare reform debate may be on the horizon.  Democrats refer to the issue at hand as the nation's "underinsured" population.

Consumers buy high-deductible health plans begrudgingly

Non-group insurance enrollment hit an all-time high in 2015, but many of those consumers that bought high-deductible plans do not think are a good value.

California health department fines 12 hospitals $775K for patient deaths, injuries

The California Department of Public Health fined 12 Golden State hospitals nearly $800,000 for causing or risking death and serious injuries to patients, San Jose Mercury News reports.

To prevent burnout, hospitals must care for caregivers

Hospital staff spend long hours staying professional amid death, suffering, grief and anger from patients and their families, and those clinicians need support as well. To take care of their staff and prevent burnout, hospital leaders increasingly look for ways to treat stress and prevent the job from overwhelming clinicians, according to the Columbus Dispatch.

Nurse scope of practice expansion may help ease rural healthcare woes

As more states move to expand nurses' scope of practice, these measures may be especially vital in rural America, where healthcare access gaps are often the most glaring, according to  the  New York Times.

Delivering bad news: A make-or-break moment for the physician-patient relationship

While there is no one right way to give bad news, physicians who do so incorrectly in patients' eyes risk being replaced, according to an article from the  Wall Street Journal.

Mobile-enhanced intervention aids anxiety disorder treatment

Mobile health technology can prove useful in helping patients suffering from anxiety disorders, especially when applied in conjunction with traditional clinical care approaches, according to new research published in the  Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association.

Fierce exclusive: Tales of an accidental hospital CEO

When I dine with Jerry Seelig, it's usually to enjoy some foodie oasis in or around Los Angeles. But when I sat down with him for breakfast last week, it was to deconstruct his recently...

Apple Watch tapped for breast cancer treatment pilot program

The MD Anderson Cancer Center at Cooper in New Jersey is deploying Apple Watch devices featuring a custom app to breast cancer patients in a pilot program to track behavioral information for ensuring treatment programs remain on target.

Hospitals have improved productivity dramatically in recent years

Is it truly possible for hospitals to become more productive, providing patients with better care for less money? Apparently yes, according to recent research that examined productivity growth in U.S. hospitals that treated Medicare patients who had a heart attack, heart failure and pneumonia during 2002-2011.